Selective Nanocatalysts And Nanoscience. Concepts For Heterogeneous And Homogeneous Catalysis

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Filling a gap in the catalysis and nano literature, this monograph is unique in focusing on both nanostructured heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis

As such, it describes a selection of heterogeneous catalysts in use, showing that the dimension of the relevant portions of the catalysts are always in the 1-100 nm range, and so may be properly understood as nanomachines for the chemical manipulation of molecules to perform high precision selective synthesis

The prominent international authors then go on to show that the concept of nanoscience can be equally applied to artificial homogeneous catalysts whose active sites are generally considered as single-sites having a molecular dimension

The result is an excellent overview of such hot topics as nanoparticles, MOFs and more, making this indispensable reading for catalytic and organic chemists, as well as those working on organometallics.